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Arctic Design MISH MASH 23-24 February 2017

Arctic Design Week MISH MASH is a creative platform combining Arctic stories, business development and matchmaking. It’s about listening, discussing, arguing and acting.

The main goal of the event is to get entrepreneurs to use design as a tool in their business. The theme of the seminar is Arctic Transition - How do we respond to changes in the Arctic and in business as well as how can we use design as a tool in that transition process?

The seminar language is English.

Arctic Design MISH MASH Day 1 - Santapark, 9 - 17

Morning session: How to design better customer experience?

Special target group: Arctic tourism

Afternoon session: NKS #7 Architecture matters: in Finland, hosted by Nordkalott symposium

During the afternoon: ADW Sparring sessions

Face-to-face sparring workshops for a limited number of local companies. Themes: Industrial & Service Design, Customer Experience & Business and Digitalization.

Arctic Design MISH MASH MATCHMAKING - Arktikum, 19-22

Food, drinks, music.
An opportunity to connect with others.
Awarding the arctic design company of the year.

Arctic Design MISH MASH Day 2 - Army base - Sodankylä, 8 - 17

Morning session: Arctic knowhow in business. How arctic technology and design can improve business. Arctic Design meets arctic tech.

Afternoon session: Let’s find some new business opportunities and cooperation! How can we export our Arctic know how?

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23.2.2017 08:00
24.2.2017 17:00

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