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Artificial intelligence as a teacher’s workmate November 25 to November 29, 2024

25.11.2024 09:00

Helsinki & Tallinn

Get ready to learn about AI, make new connections and grow your professional network!

This course will help you improve your digital competencies to efficiently teach with/for AI and integrate it into your classes. Working in teams, doing personalized projects and learning through direct experience with different AI tools, this hands-on course combines academic high-level knowledge even with some cultural discoveries. 

The course is targeted especially to teachers from upper secondary schools to the university level of applied sciences. But everybody is welcome who knows the subject as her/his own.


Course schedule from November 25 to November 29, 2024


DAY 1: Orientation to AI in education

· Arrival & registration

· Breaking the ice!

· Welcome to Finland - some practical issues to make your life easier!

· SYKLI Environmental College: Adult Vocational training – a Speedway to green & digital transition?

· Lunch (at own expense)

· Orientation: What is AI? How does it work and even teach?

· Getting familiar with conversational AI (ChatGPT and Google Bard especially)

DAY 2: Getting touch

· Examples of AI in Edu: What can we learn?

· Workshop1: Picture (video) generation

o Tools, prompt engineering, copyright issues

· Lunch (at own expense)

· Workshop2: Conversational AI in teaching

o Tools, prompt engineering

o Creating learning materials

o Creating learning tasks

DAY 3:  Finding your ways to use AI

· Workshop3: More specific use of AI

o Using AI with Office tools

o Teaching&learning languages

o Some short insights to coding

· Lunch (at own expense)

· Workshop4: Examples and trials of AI based software in education and in teachers’ work

o Synthesia, Knowji, Fetchy, Gradescope etc. etc.

· Safety in an AI world

DAY 4: Groupworking for AI innovations

· Forming groups according to chosen special topics

· Diving deep into the topic

· Lunch (at own expense)

· Understanding current possibilities

· Recognising future needs

· Sharing the results

· Wrap-up of the days 1-4

DAY 5:  A study trip to Estonia by ferry (at own expense, expected to be 25-30 euros)

· A professional site visit related to AI use & role & future in education

· There is also free time to visit the old town of Tallinn, Unesco world heritage site since 1997.

· Departure 9:00 and back in Helsinki at 18:30


Ari Laitala has Master of Science degree in Technology from Aalto University where Ari has also taught for several year. Ari's background is quite much on practical data analysis and Ari uses artificial neural networks also in his work. Like Cristina, Ari has been participating on European Digital Education Hub´s “Squad5: AI in Edu” work in 2023. Ari has lately published several blogs posts of AI in education. English versions of those blog posts can be accessed in www.educationalAI.eu. Ari has a strong belief that AI will change education as much as the art of book printing did some 500 yes ago. But now the pace of change is just tenfold. Ari also thoughts that teachers as a profession have good luck to be in the forefront of AI use. "In education, AI is much more possibility than the threat, even though the transformation phase is demanding."

Dr. Cristina Obae is a highly skilled teacher trainer, with extensive experience in curriculum building and technology integration in education. Having finished a PhD at the University of Bordeaux, France in 2010, and started a second one in 2023 at University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland, educational Leadership MBA holder, founder of the startup NEdHo.fi which offers XR integration in education consultancy, she delivered face-to-face pieces of training for national and international institutions and held countless online workshops for the teachers in the school departments she coordinated. Her trainings are inspired by her practical experience as a teacher both at the university and secondary school levels and she always personalizes them after analyzing the group's needs and the learning environment’s characteristics. She is adept of "leading by example" and "hands-on learning", so expect her trainings to be an exemplification of the different teaching methods and technologies she presents. One thing she will always tell you to remember is that: Education is for people and made by people. Technology is only a tool to use.

Master of Education Maarit Pihkala is a creative expert in the fields of education, training, and facilitation. Currently, she is working at the Environmental College Sykli, where she trains educators and other professionals in the Environmental Special Vocational Qualification Program. She also coaches students, design events, and innovate new educational products for Sykli. Previously, Maarit has worked as an expert on global education and human rights in different NGOs like Fingo and Amnesty International. Maarit believes that the most important aim of technology is to bring us together. "I am fascinated by the current state of artificial intelligence development in various fields of society, and I want to learn more. The best way to do that is to collaborate with others. In the coming days, AI will have a significant impact on societies, changing the way we work, study, teach, and think. So let's strive to embrace this change smoothly and together."


Course fee

The course is Erasmus+ compatible, allowing the opportunity to receive funding from the Erasmus+ program.

As stated in the official documents of the Erasmus+ Programme, the course fee is 440 € (80 € per participant per day / 400 € per person for a 5-day course + 40 € organizational costs). The course fee covers costs directly linked to the implementation of mobility activities, including monitoring and support of participants during the mobility and evaluation of learning outcomes. Any other cost will be covered by the applicant organization by using the grant received from the respective National Agency for individual and organizational support. The course fee must be paid by bank transfer before the course starts.

The event will be confirmed one month prior to the beginning.  

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