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Code of Ethics Web Test

The Code of Ethics Web Test is an easy-to-use, web-based multiple-choice test, which helps personnel and service providers in the pharmaceutical field to learn how to apply and interpret the Code of Ethics of Pharma Industry Finland. The test can be taken in the new Pharmacademia web service owned by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre right after registering.

Objectives of the web test

The Code of Ethics Web Test

  • helps in orientating new personnel into the pharmaceutical field
  • supports the professional development of personnel in the pharmaceutical field
  • unifies the interpretation and implementation of The Code of Ethics in companies
  • facilitates the work of persons responsible for guidance and inspection concerning The Code of Ethics
  • helps service providers (e.g. marketing and communications departments and event organizers), who have to know the central regulations of the field to effectively serve the companies

The Code of Ethics Web Test has been designed by a working group consisting of experts in the Pharmaceutical Information Centre, Pharma Industry Finland and member companies. The web test covers the most relevant questions concerning the implementation of the Code of Ethics.

Structure and contents of the web test

The web test consists of 14 themes, each containing ca 5-10 multiple-choice questions. Each theme concerns a certain section of the Code of Ethics. The whole package of the web test contains altogether 86 questions.

Pharma Industry Finland and the Pharmaceutical Information Centre created this web-based test with help from pharmaceutical companies. This test aims to promote the understanding of the Code of Ethics and increase knowledge about the marketing of medicinal products. The test also includes examples of everyday situations in the marketing of medicinal products. The test consists of 86 multiple-choice questions.

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The themes of the web test are:

  • Scope of application and definitions*
  • General principles*
  • Events organized and supported by the pharma industry*
  • Hospitality*
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing of OTC medicines to consumers*
  • Marketing of medicines to health care professionals*
  • Utilizing research findings in marketing (including RWD)*
  • Advertisement gifts, competition prizes*
  • Medicine samples and medical sales representation*
  • Cooperation with patient organizations
  • Information on health and diseases
  • Monitoring of the compliance with the code, preliminary inspection, sanctions and other stipulations
  • Disclosure of transfers of value between health care professionals/organizations and pharma industry

The contents have been reviewed and the materials have been updated 6th February 2023. Themes marked with a * are included in the field package.

Differences between the web test packages  

Package name Target group Themes Price
Whole package (ENG, FIN) Top management, sales and marketing supervisors and experts, sales and marketing inspection and guidance positions, as well as communication and public relations experts Everything 210 € + VAT
Field package (FIN only) Medical and customer representatives Themes marked with a *, listed above 175 € + VAT



Single orders:

  • When purchasing the field package use this link. Note that the field package is in Finnish only.

Group orders:

There is a volume discount on group orders:
> 10 tests –10 % discount
> 30 tests –20 % discount
> 50 tests: ask for a quote at sales@laaketietokeskus.fi

The price includes:

  • 31 days to take the test starting from the registration day
  • a possible extension costs 50 € (+ vat) for every starting week
  • instructions and materials in electronic format
    • e.g. The Code of Ethics of Pharma Industry Finland and the Q/A documents
  • one retry option
  • a printable certificate of passing the test

Test access and completion

In the confirmation message of the registration are instructions for registering into the PharmAcademia.com service. The web test should be taken within 31 days of registering. In the Your tests section press “Open” to open the instructions and materials. Read through them before taking the test.

The certificate is valid until the next time The Code of Ethics is updated, or for a maximum of three years.

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