Emotional ICT

Emotional ICT seminar

Pleasure, Stress and Empathy in Products and Services

13th November 2015 at 12:00 - 15:30,

GTK Auditorium, Betonimiehenkuja 4 (Otaniemi, Espoo)


Humans are emotional beings, but so far ICT has largely ignored that fact. Products and services are designed as tools serving a purpose, responding to purposeful interaction, but without a notion of the feelings the user might have. Nevertheless, designers have always known the importance of emotions evoked by products, and have applied methods to enhance the User Experience, or paid attention to the look and feel to make products more desirable. What about, if the designer would know more about the user’s emotions? How would you like it, if your computer or mobile application would know when you were angry, sad, or happy? And how would you benefit from an application knowing you are stressed?

VTT, together with research and industrial partners, has studied the role emotions may play in future products and services in four research projects:

  • Empathic Products studied how emotion and intention awareness can be used to enhance the user experience of products and created a set of proof of concept services.
  • Pastime developed unobtrusive means to measure stress in users
  • Eustress looked at the positive sides of stress
  • Reward Homeo studied the mechanism of, and physiological measurement solutions for pleasure

We have the pleasure to invite you to a seminar, where the results of these projects will be presented and companies will provide insight in the potential for Emotion ICT in the market.


Preliminary programme:


Research on pleasure, stress and empathy


12:00 How to make products empathic? 

Johan Plomp, Research Team Leader, VTT


12:20 Measuring stress 

Johanna Kallio, Senior Scientist, VTT


12:40 The positive side of stress

Päivi Heikkilä, Research Scientist, VTT


13:00 Measuring pleasure for business 

Johanna Närväinen, Senior Scientist, VTT


13:20 Coffee break and demos



Making business out of pleasure, stress & empathy



13:50 Asahi Health for mental wellbeing

Yrjö Mähönen, Internist & Geriatry


14:10 Polar technology for sports and fitness

Raija Laukkanen, Director, Science Collaborations


14:30 Know your breaking point

Kimmo Feldt, Neuroreact


14:50 Rewarding product = successful product

Markus Kivikangas, Exakti Intelligence


15:10 Discussion

15:30 End of seminar



Registration: Participation is free of charge, but please register via the following link by 11. November: http://events.vtt.fi/emotional_ict


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Event time

13.11.2015 12:00
13.11.2015 16:30

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Event location

GTK Auditorium
Betonimiehenkuja 4
02150 Espoo


Additional information

please contact: Johan Plomp, johan.plomp@vtt.fi, mobile 040-7187684