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Calm your mind

10.8.2022 18:00


Mindfulness helps us to identify our own thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors and meet those with wisdom and kindness. It strengthens resilience and allows us to be more present and calm.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You need more equanimity in your life
  • You want to learn to be more present
  • You want to learn how to develop resilience
  • You want information about the benefits of mindfulness

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Anu Varis is the founder of Avartava, a mindfulness teacher and a solution-focused coach. She is MBSR and MBCT mindfulness teacher, and has accomplished mindfulness teacher studies at the mindfulness centers at Brown university, Bangor University and the University of Oxford.



10.8.2022 18:00


10.8.2022 19:00

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