BBA's Afterwork / Tradenomien Afterwork: A journey from a physics student to a local company and industry hub leader

27.9.2023 18:00

Café Europa

BBA's Afterwork / Tradenomien Afterwork: A journey from a physics student to a local company and industry hub leader


Welcome to the BBA’s Afterwork event organized by Jyvässeudun tradenomit and Konkurssi ry at Café Europa on Wednesday September 27th, starting at 6 pm. 


You can look forward to a relaxed evening with intriguing discussions, delicious food, and drinks. 🤩 The event is free of charge, and we will provide participants with a complimentary draft beverage (non-alcoholic oralcoholic) and some snacks. 


Afterwork’s speaker is Wanda O Rly who is the Co-founder & COO at Psyon Games, Chairperson of the board at Game Business Cooperative Expa, Lead of IGDA Jyväskylä, Educator & Performer. In her interactive afterwork talk Wanda will be sharing her journey from a physics student to a local company and industry hub leader ambitiously striving to make a global impact. The story emphasizes authenticity, making yourselfseen and heard as you are, dealing with uncertainties and personal growth as a basis for career development. 


Wanda is a nationally renowned science communicator, applied games professional and an authentic artist. Wandaled the production of the multiple-award-winning game FULL ADHD and as the COO of Finland’s leading appliedgames studio Psyon Games she collaborates with the world’s biggest public health organizations such as WHO and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. 


Tervetuloa Tradenomien Afterworkeille, jotka Jyvässeudun tradenomit sekä Konkurssi ry järjestävät Café Europassakeskiviikkona 27.9. klo 18 alkaen. Luvassa on rentoa illanviettoa mielenkiintoisten teemojen sekä hyvän ruoan ja juoman parissa. 🤩 Tapahtuma on maksuton, ja tarjoamme osallistujille ilmaisen hanajuoman (alkoholiton tai alkoholillinen) sekä pientä purtavaa. 


Tapahtuma pidetään englanniksi. 



The event is meant for the members of Professionals of Business and Technology and Student of Business and Technology – you can also bring your BBA friend along as an avec! There are limited spots available, so please register for the event by Tuesday 26th of September at the latest. 


Tilaisuus on suunnattu Tradenomien ja Tradenomiopiskelijoiden jäsenille – voit myös napata tradenomikaverisi mukaan! 


You are warmly welcome to join us for a relaxed evening! 😊 


Do you have any questions? We are happy to respond via email or on social media: 
Instagram: @jyvasseuduntradenomit 
Facebook: Jyvässeudun tradenomit

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27.9.2023 18:00


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