Use your mind - psychological skills for job hunters

29.11.2023 18:00


For many of us, job hunting can be a hard experience psychologically and emotionally. In this webinar you will hear about psychological tools and strategies that can help you to keep your performance level high, when hunting for your dream job! You will also receive useful information about how to better manage your stress.


This webinar suits you, if you want:

  • to know how to keep yourself in better shape psychologically and emotionally in your job hunt,
  • to manage yourself better, in order to get more results,
  • concrete tools and thinking strategies for your mind.



Markku Häikiö

Markku Häikiö is a coach and a project manager at Arffman Finland. In his coaching work Markku helps individuals and groups achieve the results they need and want. Markku has a strong background as a job coach, he also helps his clients to improve their mental capacity, implement better work and life strategies and improve their well-being. Markku has a master's degree in business and also has degrees in mental coaching and neuropsychiatric coaching. In addition to these, Markku is a Reiss motivation profile -coach and an NLP master practitioner. Markku's motto is "we are all wired differently - unique problems demand unique solutions" and he wants you to find your own solutions - hopefully today!

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29.11.2023 18:00


29.11.2023 19:00

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