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Webinar and workshop: CSC Sensitive Data Services for research

5.5.2022 10:00 +03:00 EEST - 5.5.2022 14:30 +03:00 EEST


CSC Sensitive Data Services for research

What are CSC Sensitive Data services? How can they support and facilitate your research project? 

This webinar will present SD Connect and SD Desktop: simple-to-use web interfaces that allow you to securely manage a private cloud workspace for storing and analysing sensitive data. The services are accessible from the public internet and no previous experience is needed to use them.
We will introduce the new features developed to facilitate interoperability between service’s components, and outline how the services can  serve as a comprehensive platform to promote collaboration and reuse of data across Finnish and international organisations. Moreover, we will discuss how CSC Sensitive Data services have been implemented to comply with GDPR and national data protection laws during different phases of your research - from data analysis to publishing under controlled access. 

During the workshop, you will familiarise with the SD Connect and SD Desktop user interfaces via a hands-on experience. No knowledge in programming or cloud computing is required. However, participants in the workshop must register a CSC account before the event. We will organise a support session on 26.4., where you can get help if there are any problems with these preliminary steps (you will receive detailed instructions after registration).

Throughout the entire event, you will have the opportunity to ask questions  from our experts and give us feedback based on your experience or needs. The webinar will be recorded  with a Q&A session available at the end of the presentation. 

The event is open to anyone interested in knowing more about CSC Sensitive Data Services and their use. These services are provided for researchers from any research field affiliated with a Finnish academic organisation and their collaborators, according to CSC General terms of use. The full release versions of SD Desktop and SD Connect are publicly available from March 30 2022.

Due to the high number of participants, we cannot accept any more enrollments for the workshop. However, you can still register to follow the webinar. We will organize additional training events in the following months and contact you if interested.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at : servicedesk@csc.fi ( subject: Sensitive Data)

Webpage: https://research.csc.fi/sensitive-data-services-for-research



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5.5.2022 10:00 +03:00 EEST


5.5.2022 14:30 +03:00 EEST

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Kimmo Mattila, Laura Kalliokoski ,Francesca Morello