Toolbox for applying to work abroad

8.11.2022 17:00


What do you need to know about applying to work abroad? 

Students of Business and Technology is happy to offer a webinar directed to their members.

In this webinar our guest speaker, Claudia Cervantes, will walk you through the functional steps you need to know when applying for work abroad. 

How can you take advantage of LinkedIn, what are neccesary updates to your CV, what do recruiters look for and how are candidates valuated. This webinar will also cover some of the more functional questions that you may have. How does the moving abroad process work or is the every day worklife significantly different, just to name a few. 

Register for this webinar and you will recieve the link for joining the webinar in your confirmation email. 

This webinar is open for all members of Students of Business and Technology and also to the members of Professionals of Business and Technology. 


Please note that this webinar will be held in english. This webinar will be recorded. 

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8.11.2022 17:00


8.11.2022 18:30

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