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Introduction to Quantum Computing and FiQCI

3.6.2024 09:00 +03:00 EEST - 4.6.2024 16:15 +03:00 EEST

CSC Training Facilities

Two-day introductory course on quantum computers and the basic quantum algorithms that control them.

Compared to ordinary computers, quantum computers behave very differently. Instead of bits, the basic units of quantum computers are quantum bits, qubits. By exploiting quantum superposition and entanglement of the qubits, quantum computers have the potential to revolutionize high-performance computing. Quantum computers differ from their classical counterparts also when it comes to basic computational operators. Before they can be utilized, quantum computers require tailor-made programs and algorithms. In this course, we will go through the basic operating principles of quantum computers and put the theory into immediate hands-on practice.

We will use the Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure (FiQCI) during the course, and do hands-on exercises on the LUMI supercomputer and the Helmi quantum computer.

The mission of FiQCI is to provide state-of-the-art quantum-computing services such as computing time and training to the Finnish RDI communities. This includes providing a hybrid high-performance computing and quantum computing (HPC+QC) platform for developing, testing, and exploiting quantum-accelerated computational workflows.

FiQCI is jointly maintained, operated, and developed by VTT, Aalto University, and CSC – IT Center for Science.


No previous experience with quantum computers is expected. Basic programming skills and familiarity with the Jupyter Notebook environment is an asset, however; a quick overview of Jupyter usage.


9:00 - 16:00 on both days

Day 1: Introduction, fundamental algorithms

9:00 Morning session, includes 2x15 minute breaks as suitable

Introduction to quantum computing and programming

Hands-on 0: Superposition and measurement

12:00  Lunch

13:15  Afternoon session, includes 2x15 minute breaks as suitable

Hands-on 0: Superposition and measurement

Hands-on 1: EPR pairs

Hands-on 2: Parameterized gates

16:00  End of Day 1


Day 2: Superconducting quantum computers, transpilation, more algorithms

9:00   Morning session, includes 2x15 minute breaks as suitable

Physical quantum computers

Hands-on 3: Transpilation of quantum circuits

The Deutsch algorithm

12:00  Lunch

13:15  Afternoon session, includes 2x15 minute breaks as suitable

Hands-on 4: The Deutsch algorithm

The Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA)

Hands-on 5: QAOA

16:00  End of Day 2



Olli Mukkula (CSC), Suman Kundu (Aalto), and Mikael Johansson (CSC)


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Starts:   3.6.2024 09:00 +03:00 EEST
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CSC Training Facilities

Keilaranta 14
02100 Espoo

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The Finnish Quantum-Computing Infrastructure