Webinar: Do PropTech and sustainability have the potential to change the future of real estate?

Webinar: Do PropTech and sustainability have the potential to change the future of real estate?

Sustainability is becoming more and more of a risk or an opportunity for real estate owners in a world where climate change, the scarcity of raw materials and changing public consensus all have an increasing impact. The real estate industry consumes some 40% of all raw materials and energy globally and is responsible for more than 30% of carbon dioxide emissions. Consumers, investors and regulators are beginning to demand and expect sustainable solutions from the built environment operators.

In this webinar, we will examine some cutting-edge, market-ready solutions and technologies, which are driving the real estate and construction industry towards increased awareness and levels of sustainability across the entire construction value chain from design through building operation. We will also explore how more mature companies are adapting and using these opportunities in their businesses.

Architects and city planners play a special role - they are the catalysts of the future, creating and materializing it from a number of alternatives. The alternative they choose will determine whether the world becomes more sustainable or not. Sustainable architecture considers natural environments from the very early stages of the project. Planning ahead allows making the space and materials completely reusable. Sustainable architect strives to build or renovate buildings using modern technologies, more energy-efficient and renewable materials, innovative design, etc. All these methods have the potential to minimize the environmental impact of buildings and improve their energy efficiency to help the generations of tomorrow.

Construction technology (ConTech) approaches the sustainability challenge during the building process. Finland is home to a significant number of ConTech companies that help deliver more sustainable construction. BIM models are more used in Finland than elsewhere, and companies are constantly trying to find ways to boost on-site productivity. Some of the latest sustainability solutions include modular construction – which limits on-site disruption and pollution – to cutting-edge choices for building materials.

Facilities management seeks to optimise the way buildings are operated in every aspect, from maintenance to security, transport and parking. Companies are starting to collect more and more information about the buildings and how people use them. Proptech and sustainable applications enable the monitoring of many environmental factors, like water levels, air pollutant concentrations indoors and outdoors, and energy consumption.

By addressing and prioritizing sustainability during every stage of building life-cycle, real estate professionals are not only able to impact the environment positively, but will actually win the market of the future, when the younger generation, focused on sustainability, enters the market both as buyers and renters.

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Agenda for the webinar

KPMG – How sustainability is reshaping built environment

– How to incorporate sustainability in decisions
– The impact of sustainability decisions in the design phase – concrete example

– Modular construction: sustainable way to build
– Low hanging fruits for sustainable construction

– Data-based sustainable decision: what does it take to make them?

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11.6.2020 10:00
11.6.2020 12:00
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The webinar is organized by PropTech Finland, RecoTech and KPMG.


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