KPMG workshop: "What they don't tell you about share options"?

24.5.2024 10:00


KPMG workshop: "What they don't tell you about share options"?

  • Who do you want to have as a future co-owner?
  • Can my HoldCo have share-options instead of me?
  • What if my key players are from abroad? Those wonderful tax complications
  • Yes - share-options have to be recognized in accounting, but how? Different rules and valuation practices
  • How can my cap table ruin my next investment round?


Kaia Kuusler, Attorney-at-Law, KPMG Law Estonia

Kaia is a highly skilled and accomplished legal advisor with an impressive track record of leading and contributing to complex cross-border restructuring processes and advising clients on a wide range of company law issues, including mergers, divisions and shareholder relations. She has also successfully guided clients through the process of raising investments and negotiating transaction documents for the sale and purchase of companies.

Einar Rosin, Tax Adviser, KPMG Baltics

Einar has more than 15 years of experience in tax advisory. He is specialized on Global Mobility Services (GMS) including tax and immigration services. Einar has been involved in a number of Global Mobility Services projects for multinational corporations and local enterprises from different sectors. Einar will insure that our client would have all the relevant and up-to-date information in order to organize their business in most efficient way. He is dedicated to provide tax advice that will have an impact and to ensure that the tax returns are submitted on time.

Olga Storozhuk, Accounting Advisor, KPMG Baltics

Olga is experienced auditor and accounting advisor who has audited and advised entities from various sectors ranging from manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance to banking and gaming sectors. Olga has gained experience in different accounting areas of the Estonian GAAP and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). Currently Olga’s responsibility is advising the clients on various accounting issues. This includes advising entities on implementation of complex IFRS standards, for example in relation to the accounting for insurance contracts (IFRS 17), lease contracts (IFRS 16) and share-based payments (IFRS 2).

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Starts:   24.5.2024 10:00
Ends:   24.5.2024 11:30

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Kursi 3
10415 Tallinn

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