International Job-seekers in Finland

15.9.2021 15:00


How does the job search process look like for international job-seekers in Finland? With her experience of currently working in the board of International Working Women of Finland (IWWOF Ry), combined with her own experiences as an international talent in Finland, Priyanka explains the best practices to find a job in Finland for international job-seekers.

Finland is becoming more and more global, with many international talents coming here every year to study, work or accompany their spouses. An important aspect for them is to find a job and live a fulfilled life in the country. This webinar will open up how the job-seeking aspect looks like for the international talents currently in Finland and how the job-seekers could position themselves to increase their chances of finding a job. Priyanka will present the best practices for the job-seekers and tools to approach any open position. Also, she will help the job-seekers gain clarity on how they can pitch themselves and network their way into the Finnish workforce.

This webinar is for anyone who is:

  • interested to understand the job-seeking process for international job-seekers,
  • interested in tools and methods to improve their chances of finding a job in Finland,
  • looking for best practices to find a job in Finland,
  • looking to gain clarity on their career path.

Our coach Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka is a Diversity & Inclusion coach and the co-founder of BusinessWiz Oy. Originally from India, she has an engineering background and came to Finland as an IT consultant. She started her own company with a vision to create inclusive workplaces where every individual can perform to their best potential while feeling safe and included. She works with organizations to help them understand their existing company culture, provide them with tools to use diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage and help them create a future-proof company culture. LinkedIn
She is also on the board of International Working Women of Finland Ry, where she supports a platform of over 5000 international women living in Finland to strengthen their personal and professional lives. The main aim of this association is to help women empower each other on their journey of growth.

The event is free-to-register for all Tradenomi members, including Gold and Black -level student members.

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Alkaa:   15.9.2021 15:00
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