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Second-EOSC Nordic Policy Workshop: Nordic and Baltic collaboration as EOSC enabler

9.3.2021 09:00 +01:00 CET - 9.3.2021 14:00 +01:00 CET


EOSC-Nordic is inviting stakeholders to join the second online EOSC-Nordic Policy Workshop, discussing how the collaboration between the Nordics and the Baltics can inspire the implementation of EOSC, drawing on past experiences and lessons learned in the first year of the EOSC-Nordic project.

Preliminary agenda

9.00-10.00: Opening session: Open science status in the Baltics and Nordics

Development and harmonization of the Open Science policies in the Baltic and Nordic countries are significant for successful cross-border research. Progress in this field will be presented and discussed in this introductory session.

10.00-11.30: Session 1: A panel discussion on EOSC development and solutions to challenges

EOSC is developing and is intended to be a key in future European efforts to achieve a more European ”buffet” of research data and access to e-infrastructure services. This development will likely, among other things, entail a need for different kinds of standardization and interoperability between organizations previously working as silos. As such it presents a challenge for e-infrastructures, universities, and other participants.

12:30-14.00: Session 2: A panel discussion on Nordic and Baltic collaboration in the context of EOSC

The Nordic and Baltic countries have a long history of co-operation. The EOSC-Nordic project has further strengthened links and created an opportunity to harmonize policies in the field of science to make it more open and interoperable. In this panel, we are going to discuss how to continue the cooperation on the regional level and how this relates to the EOSC development as a whole. In addition, we will discuss, what goals should be set harmonizing the science policies between the countries.

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9.3.2021 09:00 +01:00 CET


9.3.2021 14:00 +01:00 CET

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