Workshop Potential of numerical methods to supplement empirical earthquake observations

Significant hazard to a site in Fennoscandia is generated from mid-magnitude seismic event with epicenter localized in the proximity. Earthquake source modeling can be used to understand vibrations in areas close to the earthquake epicenters; but source modeling in stable continental region has limited research background. Different modeling techniques were used for modeling fault stresses/rupture in glaciation scenarios (Lund & Schmidt, 2011) and earthquakes Fälth et al (2014).

Uncertainty in such complex models is significant. Measured data from earthquakes and/or explosions can be used to calibrate models. This type of data being rare, the goal of the Workshop is to identify and share relevant Nordic data for the purpose.

Workshop program

10.00 – 11.00

• Earthquake hazard estimations for southern Scandinavia (Peter H. Voss)

• Recent developments of the Fennoscandian shield ground motion

characterizationmodels (Tommi Vuorinen, Timo Tiira, Björn Lund, Marja Uski)

• Simulation of earthquake rupture using 3DEC (Billy Fälth)

Coffee break

11.20 – 12.20

• Overview of the M4.1 Sveg earthquake of Sep 15, 2014 (Björn Lund)

• Seismic recordings of Posiva (Jouni Saari)

• Characterization of the Kouvola data from 2012 (Vilho Jussila, Ludovic Fülöp)

12.30-13.00 Discussion and conclusions

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Event time

8.5.2015 10:00
8.5.2015 13:00

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Event location

MIKES, Meeting room Aari
Tekniikantie 1
02150 Espoo