RILin tietoisku / Connecting city development projects in a unified platform

26.2.2020 08:00

Remote access / Microsoft Teams -meeting

Welcome to follow the presentation "Connecting city development projects in a unified platform". The presentation will be held via remote access. 

This presentation will describe how to gather all construction projects in a city in one intuitive and unified platform, and let all stakeholders involved in them contribute with their proprietary data, which will help them collaborate between each other, and simply communicate their projects with the public.

The presenter of the bulletin is Alaa Alshawa, the CEO and cofounder of Combify. He is an architect and an urban planner, actively working towards a vision; to digitise the construction industry.

Combify design and develop digital tools for visualising and communicating buildings and city development projects.

When you sign up to this event, you get an email where is the Microsoft Teams -meeting link for the presentation; using this link you are able to follow the presentation via your own computer!

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26.2.2020 08:00


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Remote access / Microsoft Teams -meeting