No Limits: Let's talk about salary (ENG)

22.6.2021 16:00

Online event

The No Limits tour invites everyone to hear about current topics, and to network at the No Limits event.

In this event, we will discuss remuneration and different forms of remuneration.

  • What do BBA’s generally earn? Let's get acquainted with the latest information.
  • What do pay secrecy and pay transparency mean?
  • Transparency and the future of remuneration systems.

See you soon in the webinar. Warm welcome! The estimated duration of the event is one hour plus Q&A session.

There will be a surprise speaker!

The event is open to Tradenomit members with one avec. The event is free of charge.

The event will not deal with the companies' internal remuneration system or reveal salaries, but by participating you will get new information about salaries in general and, if you wish, you will be able to reflect anonymously on the importance of money and other benefits.

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