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Train-the-Trainer online course for bioinformatics trainers

14.12.2021 09:00 +02:00 EET - 17.12.2021 12:30 +02:00 EET


Would you like to become a bioinformatics trainer or a better one? If so, this ELIXIR / GOBLET online course is for you! The course takes place 14.-17.12.2021 at 8:00-11:30 CET every day (9:00-12:30 Helsinki time).

The course is organized around four sessions, covering:

  • Learning principles and how they apply to training and teaching
  • Lesson, course, and materials design
  • Teaching techniques that can be used to enhance learner engagement and participation
  • Assessment and feedback in training and teaching

Examples and discussions will also focus on the challenges presented by academic teaching.

If you have questions like the following ones, this course may be very helpful to you.

  • How learning works?
  • How can I use learning principles to improve my teaching?
  • How can I make my teaching more engaging and effective?
  • How should I adjust my teaching to different types of learners?
  • How can I help slow learners?
  • How can I assess whether my students are actually understanding my lessons? Are they actually learning?
  • What is the best balance between theory and practice?
  • How can I best assess whether learning is occurring and/or has occurred?
  • What works in a classroom and what doesn’t?

This course is taught by

  • Patricia Palagi (SIB, ELIXIR Switzerland)
  • Jessica Lindvall (NBIS, ELIXIR Sweden)
  • Allegra Via (IBPM, ELIXIR Italy)
  • Fotis E. Psomopoulos (CERTH, ELIXIR Greece)
  • Ana Melo (, ELIXIR Portugal)
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14.12.2021 09:00 +02:00 EET


17.12.2021 12:30 +02:00 EET

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