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Webinar: Allas and Geospatial data

13.5.2020 14:00 +03:00 EEST - 13.5.2020 15:00 +03:00 EEST


In this webinar, we look into ways of utilising the Allas object storage from the perspective of geospatial data. How to read and write data with GIS tools and how to access large quantities of geospatial data from Allas with the help of virtual rasters.

The webinar will focus on R, Python and GDAL commands in interacting with Allas. 

Speaker: Johannes Nyman (CSC)

The webinar is for anyone interested in or using geospatial tools and Allas. No registration needed.

Training materials (will be available 13.5.): Slides

Recording of the webinar is viewable on YouTube: https://youtu.be/mnFXe2-dJ_g

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Starts:   13.5.2020 14:00 +03:00 EEST
Ends:   13.5.2020 15:00 +03:00 EEST

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