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Webinar: Data analytics services at CSC

31.3.2020 14:00 +03:00 EEST - 31.3.2020 15:00 +03:00 EEST

CSC - IT Center for Science

This webinar gives a brief introduction to CSC’s services for data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data computing. We will focus on our services for research, but also discuss wider activities in these areas.

Speaker: Aleksi Kallio (CSC)

YouTube link to the webinar recording: https://youtu.be/vXBmirPjcPo

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31.3.2020 14:00 +03:00 EEST


31.3.2020 15:00 +03:00 EEST

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CSC - IT Center for Science

Keilaranta 14
02101 Espoo

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