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OUT OF THE BOX – October 2022

2.10.2022 12:00


Hi – Welcome to Finland!

OUT OF THE BOX – environmental education and outdoor learning in Finland” course is for all level teachers and others working in organizations that educate children and youth.

Nature is a diverse learning environment for schools and kindergardens in Finland. Outdoor learning is experimental, experience-based, hands-on learning in authentic learning environments. Outdoor learning gives also healthy physical exercise. The joy of learning is created through a wide range of outdoor practices. Social skills are also better strengthened outdoors. A good nature relationship and nature awareness is a first step towards a sustainable way of life.

The course program includes lectures, hands-on workshops, indoor and outdoor activities, and relevant visits focused on the following topics: environmental education and outdoor education, creativity in teaching, interdisciplinary and phenomen-based environmental outdoor education methods of teaching. As a part of their course, Erasmus participants will also meet up with some Finnish daycare and school teachers, to discuss and change ideas on how to teach environmental education outdoors. So be prepared to share your own best practices and ideas, too.


The course starts on Sunday 2nd of October 2022 at 12PM. Meeting point in front of the Natural History Museum in HELSINKI! https://luomus.fi/en/natural-history-museum 

The course ends on Saturday 8th of October 2022 at lunch time, after the evaluation session at the Youth Center Marttinen and after that there is taxi and train transportation back to Helsinki 17:00PM.

What to pack

Preparation is essential for any outdoor adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your overall enjoyment and experience. This checklist is a great tool to help with your packing. Spring can sometimes be a cold, windy, and rainy season in Finland, and we are going to do many outdoor activities at the course – so take warm and waterproof shoes and clothing with you!


  • Shoes/boots (warm and waterproof) 
  • Warm and waterproof pants 
  • Warm shirts 
  • Warm Sweatshirt (woolen or fleece) 
  • Long underwear (warm, woolen is best) 
  • Sleep clothes 
  • Socks/extra socks (also woolen socks) 
  • Warm jacket  
  • Warm hat (woolen is best) 
  • Rain gear (raincoat, waterproof pants and rubberboots or waterproof shoes) 
  • Swim suit and towel 
  • Soap /shampoo 
  • Tooth brush/tooth paste 
  • Deodorant 
  • Comb/brush 
  • Personal medications - take extra 
  • Backpack (small) 
  • Water bottle 
  • Notepad/pen 
  • Cell phone/charger and/or Camera/battery

If you want to sleep outdoors - take also these:

  • Sleeping bag 
  • Air mattress/sleeping pad 
  • and if you want, take also - Tent / Hammock / Tarp

Requirements and preparations:

Each organization/school participating in the course is kindly required to prepare a presentation on the own system of education and a presentation of the own organization to be presented in the course time. Each of the 2 presentation should take maximum 10 minutes, so a maximum of 20 minutes in total for both presentations combined.
For the daily course activities, it is required to have at least one computer per person / group / organization / school. If there are 2 to 4 people from the same organization/school, you’ll need at least one computer.
It is also required to have at least one photo camera per group/organization/school for a group task that will count for the evaluation process. You can also take the photos with your mobile phone, but please keep in mind to also bring the necessary cables for downloading the photos/videos from your computer.

The price
Course fee 600 € + Accommodation fee 500 € + Transportation fee 100 €
We will send you the invoice for the course in a separate email message. All the necessary details for the bank transfer will be written in the invoice.

Course fee:
As stated in the official documents of the Programme Erasmus +, the course fee is 600 € (80 € per participant, per day /560 € per person for a 7-day course + 40 € organizational costs. Course fee covers costs directly linked to payment of fees for the enrolment in courses. It also covers costs directly linked to the implementation of mobility activities, including monitoring and support of participants during the mobility and evaluation of learning outcomes. Any other cost will be covered by the applicant organization by using the grant received from the own National Agency for individual and organizational support.
The course fee (600 € per person) must be paid by bank transfer before the course starts. We will send you the invoice for the course in a separate email message. All the necessary details for the bank transfer will be written in the invoice.

For logistic reasons, all the participants will be accommodated in the Youth Centre of Marttinen where also the meeting rooms are located. We will book accommodation for all and we will also have lunches and dinners together, in the same place. The price for 6 nights' accommodation and 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening snack) is 500 € per person accommodated in a double room.
Accomodation cost must be paid by bank transfer before the course starts. We will send you the invoice for the course in a separate email message. All the necessary details for the bank transfer will be written in the invoice.

Travel details:
The course will be held in central Finland at Youth Center Marttinen at Virrat. You can see photos from Marttinen in their site: https://www.marttinen.fi/

Here is the place on the map
We arrange transportation by train and taxi to and from Virrat, Marttinen – there is no public transportation to that place. Transportation fee is 100 euros / person (from Helsinki – to Virrat and back to Helsinki).

Transportation cost must be paid by bank transfer before the course starts. We will send you the invoice for the course in a separate email message. All the necessary details for the bank transfer will be written in the invoice.

The most convenient airport is Helsinki-Vantaa. From Helsinki-Vantaa airport you can take a train to City of Helsinki. The journey takes only 30 minutes. The cost for one way ticket is 5,5 € per person. You can buy the train ticket from the train station, at your arrival.

Feedbak of the course:

”Among other things we did today we would have to mention Ulla’s forrest workshop as very inspiring as well as the first time canoeing. It was both challenging and thrilling. The beauty of surrounding area, the stillnes of the lake and the soothing sounds of nature were the best way to end this day. So gratefull and blessed. Loved also the outdoors workshop and climbing the tree as well as low ropes combinations that put us into some serious teamwork. We’re sure to take home and use lots of new and fun activities from today – both from Ulla’s spontanious showhow (thank you Ulla, you’re the best) and from Meri’s forrest playground. Ukulele session was fun – especially to Marija who’s son is a ukulele player and is up for a big surprise – he’s getting his first ukulele from Finland. Truly enjoying every moment here – from serious work to sauna and the lake dive to singing and dancing with the finnish teachers in the evening.”
Teachers from Malta

”It’s not that we never had pancakes but when you have to do it from the scratch – make your own fire (if you’re lucky) and then make pancakes by holding a pan like the old days well that’s something special. Tuesday’s walk through the wood was an excellent expirience in many levels. First obstacle – crossing the river had us all thinking like one as we had to do some serious teamwork. And we DID IT!! We found many of activities aside of being fun for us will also usefull for our work so we’ll be taking them home with us. We enjoyed the nature – both plants, trees, fresh air and friskness of the air. Beautiful sunset at the lake was most amazing view. Looking forward to the days ahead and new things we learn.”
Teachers from Croatia

” We came for ideas and to learn about how to get our children to learn outdoors but we received so much more. It is almost not describable in words. It was such a big added value for our lives as well.
The whole week learned us things on very different levels:
1. What we came for: to get activities and ways to do outdoor learning with children
2. To inspire us on school level to help us implement this, work with colleagues and parents.
3. The goal of Erasmus: to make new friends, learn about the differences and similarities in Europa, to enjoy each others culture.
4. The enrichment for yourself: getting to know your inside better, getting grip of some problems or situations or thoughts. We are so grateful for this course, which is not ’just’ a course for us. A lot of that is thanks to the persons who are in the team of Sykli. We were inspired a lot!!!!!”
Teachers from Belgium

Prochure of the course


More information:

SYKLI Environmental School of Finland / Phone: +358 50 529 6428 / e-mail: ymka@sykli.fi

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2.10.2022 12:00


8.10.2022 17:00

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