Wireless Networks Workshop

3.5.2022 10:00

NORDUnet Office

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NORDUnet will host this workshop which will discuss wifi architecture, use cases, and network cloud management with focus on MIST. 

Participation is free, but registration is required as there is a limitation of 40 participants. Seats will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

No-shows and cancellations after 28 April will be charged EUR 50 EUR per person.


AI Network ops – From slideware/buzzword to reality. How will AI help improve the students’ experiences?

Augmenting the student experience with location services - asset tracking, wayfinding and user engagement

Will 5G overtake Wifi? Why do we even need wifi?

University use-cases w. Wifi and location services (proximity tracing, facility management, density analytics etc.).

Cloud management and microservices – and why we need them.

The workshop will officially end at 15:00, however, there will be an opportunity to socially network from 15:00 - 17:00.

Registration for this event is currently stopped.

Event attendees (12)

Erik Kikkenborg
Istvan Bernath
Anders Nilsson
Casper Krogh
Jan Ferré
Anders Mundt Due
Hans Bjarkov
Carsten Pettersson
Bo Ståhle
Søren Skou
Ufuk Yirtici
Martin Bjerregaard

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There's still room for 28 attendees.

Event time


3.5.2022 10:00


3.5.2022 15:00

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Event location

NORDUnet Office

Kastruplundgade 22,1
2770 Kastrup

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