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Earth Observation workshop

16.5.2022 12:30 +03:00 EEST - 16.5.2022 16:00 +03:00 EEST

Viikki Campus & Online

Welcome to Earth Observation workshop by Geoportti!

Are you working or want to work with Earth Observation (EO) data?

Did you maybe even reach the limits of what your own computer can do when working with EO data?

Want to meet like-minded people?

Join us for an afternoon workshop on 16.05 in Viiki/online to:

  • get started using EO data
  • get to know CSC resources for processing and storing EO data
  • hear what others are doing (CSC-EO user-stories)
  • discuss with like-minded researchers and EO- and CSC- professionals


None, but have an interest in Earth Observation and processing/analyzing large amount of data on supercomputer or in the cloud

Learning outcomes

Basics of processing, analyzing and storing EO data using CSC resources, get to know other people working with Earth Observation


  • What will happen during the event?

         EO data provision and access, 12:30-14:00:

        - Introduction round and practicalities

        - Getting started using EO data - Eetu Jutila (SYKE), Samantha Wittke (CSC)

        - Access to Copernicus data from the Finnish Data Hub - Mwaba Hiltunen (FMI)

        - Availability of (almost) analysis ready satellite image mosaics - Markus Törmä (SYKE)

        - GeoCubes Finland - a multiresolution datacube for cloud-based provision of raster geodata - Lassi Lehto (FGI/NLS)

       Break, 13.45-14.15 

       CSC services for EO and user stories, 14:15-16:00:

       - CSC resources for EO data processing and storage - Samantha Wittke (CSC)

       - Mosaicking Sentinel-2 data in Puhti - Arttu Kivimäki (FGI/NLS)

       - Experiences in processing Sentinel-1 data with SNAP and analyzing land cover changes in Puhti - Eetu Jutila (SYKE)

       - EO for agricultural statistics - Maria Yli-Heikkilä (LUKE)

       - Modern machine learning for land cover classification - Mikko Impiö (SYKE)

       - Questions and discussion

  • Who is this event for?

    Everyone interested in or already using Earth Observation data

  • What do I need for the workshop?

    An open mind and lots of questions and a computer or phone to run     Mentimeter webpage (for polls; no account needed) is beneficial

  • Where do we meet?

    The event will be organized in hybrid format using Teams (link will be sent to registered participants) and in a meeting room in Viikki (room announcement will be sent to registered participants).

  • Will the event be recorded?

    No, but the material and a summary will be made available here after the event.

  • How much does it cost?

    The event is free of charge

  • What is Geoportti?

    Geoportti is an open research infrastructure in Finland supporting scientists with access to geospatial data and high performance and cloud computing resources. Geoportti also promotes the use of geospatial data and geoinformatics methods in research and university education. Visit the Geoportti webpage to learn more about the services and resources provided by Geoportti.
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Event time


16.5.2022 12:30 +03:00 EEST


16.5.2022 16:00 +03:00 EEST

Event location

Viikki Campus & Online

Latokartanonkaari 9
00790 Helsinki

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The event is organized by Geoportti


Samantha Wittke, Kylli Ek