Villa booking requests for 2023

Villa booking requests for 2023

The villa season in 2023 started on Monday 12.6. and ends on Sunday 15.10.

The villa has five 2-4 person rooms for rent, a total of 16 beds and a few extra beds and cots. Shared spaces include the kitchen, dining room and fireplace room. The beach has a wood-heated sauna for 7–8 people and a separate barbecue shed. You can rent individual rooms in the villa or even the entire villa for a larger group. The villa is also suitable for your work community's team meetings, sauna evenings and recreation days.

The villa operates on a self-catering villa principle. All renters of the villa and users of the sauna and grill take care of the villa area together.


PLEASE NOTE that there are always costs associated with cancelling a reservation. Be careful, especially if you are booking a villa or rooms at short notice: you can find more detailed information about the villa's booking and cancellation conditions at the bottom of the page.



The villa can only be booked by members of Helsinki Society of Engineers and student association UIO ry, as well as companies.

Please note that in June and July, renting the entire villa on weekends is not possible. At the time in question, you can book a maximum of two rooms. If there are still free rooms two weeks before the start of the reservation, you can ask the office for additional rooms.

Do you want to reserve Vådötorp-villa for your company/community? Please contact the office of Helsinki Society of Engineers.

More information about renting the villa

Villa brochure (only in Finnish)

Villa prices 2023 (only in Finnish)

Conditions for renting the villa 2023 (only in Finnish)


If you want to cancel your reservation request or you have anything to ask, please contact the office of Helsinki Society of Engineers either by phone or e-mail.

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Helsinki Society of Engineers office:
puh. 040 150 3878