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Detailed introduction to the LUMI-C environment and architecture

27.4.2022 09:00 +02:00 CEST - 28.4.2022 16:00 +02:00 CEST


This two day on-line course serves as a detailed introduction to the LUMI-C environment and architecture and will also describe the best way to port, execute and optimise applications for the environment. The course will be jointly conducted by the LUMI HPE Centre of Excellence (HPE CoE) and the LUMI User Support Team (LUST). The course is intended for users with ongoing projects on LUMI-C and support staff of local organisations of the LUMI consortium members. Participation will be moderated due to limited number of participants, but we encourage registrations. This will facilitate the planning of further training events.

Detailed information about the course schedule and content is provided at https://www.lumi-supercomputer.eu/events/detailed-introduction-to-lumi-c-april-2022/

We will keep a waiting list if registrations exceed the number of planned participants.

We will confirm participation shortly after the deadline. If your plans change, we kindly ask you to cancel your registration as soon as possible (ideally before the registration deadline). The email acknowledging your registration will contain a link to manage it.

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27.4.2022 09:00 +02:00 CEST


28.4.2022 16:00 +02:00 CEST

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