Negotiation skills

2.12.2020 18:00


This webinar in English concentrates on negotiation skills. Negoatiation skills are needed much more often than we think - in this webinar you will learn the essence of negotiating.

After the webinar you are ready to start practising your skills straight away!

This webinar is perfect for you, if you want to find out:

  • What negotiation really is and what it is not? The change of mindset

  • What are negotiation skills and how to develop them?

  • The cycle of negotiation and how to succeed in every step: Prepare - Negotiate - After-care


Petra Alijärvi is a versatile communication and training professional. She is also a licensed Natural Tendencies™ Coach.

Petra possesses background in people management, customer service, business development, project work, change management and stakeholder communication. Her strengths include training and developing skills, team working skills, organizational skills and working under pressure, even in extreme conditions. She excels in challenging situations and in the customer interface.

The event is organized by our partner UP Partners.

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2.12.2020 18:00


2.12.2020 19:00

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