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Webinar series 1/5, Sweden 5.12.2023 - Environmental Education and Nature interpretation in the Nordics

5.12.2023 13:00



December 5th 2023, webinar 1/5, Sweden

Welcome to learn and discuss how training in the field of nature interpretation and environmental education is carried out in Sweden. The Swedish Centre for Nature Interpretation will give and overview of the landscape of training at three levels: systematic, program and professional competence buildning levels.

Notice, that the webinar time mentioned here is SWE/NOR/DEN 1pm-4 pm. That means it is ICE 12am-3pm and FIN 2pm-5pm.

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Program of the webinar

  • Welcome and information from the organizers
  • There are ongoing efforts to strengthen the profession Nature interpreter in Sweden. Per Sonnvik from the Swedish Center for nature interpretation tells us more.
  • From Linköping university we hear more about courses about outdoor teaching. Emilia Fägerstam, Jonas Forsmark and Therese Lundqvist Jones gives us an insight on how the courses are organized.

Short break

  • The Swedish centre for nature interpretation (SCNI) is a meeting place, centre for development and a competence resourse for nature interpreters. SCNI:s director, Eva Sandberg, will give you an overview of what the centre can provide, from university courses to short informative morning webbinars.
  • On European level the organization, Interpret Europe, gathers interpreters from all over Europe. They provide for example webbinars, conferences and also week long courses that will make a certified writer, guide, planner or trainer. Valya Stergioti tells us more about IE.

Longer break for coffee/tea/something else refreshing

  • Now it is time to try some of the exercises that SCNI use in the different training sessions. This will also provide you as participants to network across the Nordic borders.
  • Concluding discussions, wrap-up and information about the coming webinar.


🔎More about the webinars

Training for Nature interpretation and Environmental Education in the Nordic countries

This webinar series brings together professionals in the fields of environmental education and nature interpretation in the Nordic countries to increase understanding, ideas and professional competence. It gives an overview over current structures and ways how education for environmental awareness and nature relationships is supported and enhanced.

What do we have in common and what is unique? What is innovative and what might be the future trends in each country? Each of the five country webinars will give you an overview of the structures and provide you with some concrete examples about programs and methods.


Every webinar will be held at the same time of the day.

ICE 12am-3pm; SWE/NOR/DEN 1pm-4 pm; FIN 2pm-5pm


Read about the project here >>


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5.12.2023 13:00


5.12.2023 16:00

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SYKLI Environmental College