Quantum Computing Webinar

21.4.2020 18:00

Virtual event

Quantum computing will revolutionize industries such as health care, finance, IT and sciences both materially and theoretically. It will provide unprecedented computing power for the data-driven economy. With more speed and less power, there will be wild new possibilities for all industries.

Superconducting technology and cooling systems for quantum computing pave the way for the sustainable development of quantum computing. Experts from Aalto University, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and leading Finnish quantum technology companies, such as Bluefors and IQM, will share their insights during the webinar.

Who is the webinar for?
Anyone who wants to learn how computational power of Quantum computing will revolutionise different sectors. Especially, If you are an expert in industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Life Sciences, Health care, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, IT, Telecoms or sciences.

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21.4.2020 18:00


21.4.2020 19:00

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Virtual event