4.11.2020 16:00 - 4.11.2020 16:30

Valio webinar: Reduce sugar in chocolate with milk-based protein

Hear the latest insights on the use of milk-based protein in sugar reduction and make delicious ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate with no artificial sweeteners.

Implementation of sugar taxes and the ongoing health and wellness trends have created a hot market for new and innovative reduced sugar products. Valio researchers developed a ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate that was rated equal to regular chocolate in taste and texture. The sugar reduction was achieved by replacing sugar with milk-based protein.

Date: Wednesday 4th November 2020

Time: 16:00-16:30 (CET)

Tune in as Terhi Aaltonen (PhD) shares the latest insights in a free Webinar:

  • Hear about what makes milk-based protein a great way to reduce sugar in chocolate.
  • Learn how the optimal milk minerals-protein ratio affects the sensory properties of ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate.
  • Hear how you can produce great tasting ‘30% less sugar’ chocolate with Valio’s milk-based ingredients and recipe calculation expertise.

Terhi Aaltonen works as a Senior Research Scientist at Valio. She is an innovative R&D professional with a ’yes I can’ attitude. Her main focus is on application development of industrial ingredients. Read more about Terhi.

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4.11.2020 16:00
4.11.2020 16:30

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