23.9.2020 18:00


Are you constantly blaming yourself for your mistakes? Does it feel like everyone else is more successful and you keep reminding yourself about this? Is it hard for you to give yourself a break and a caring thought? If so, you are not alone: research shows that we're often more harsh and critical towards ourselves than we would ever be for others. What if you could learn to be friendly and caring towards yourself?

Self-compassion is a positive psychological resource that can will help you to find your sense of worthiness and self-love. Practicing self-compassion will help you to find a caring connection not only to yourself but people around you, as you start to celebrate humanity. WIth this webinar you will gain understanding and tools for turning your compassion also towards yourself.

This webinar suits you if

  • You recognise that you are often critical towards yourself

  • You tend to compare yourself to others, even when there's no need to

  • You'd like to learn how to find balance and satisfaction in your life


Krista Kohtakangas is a doctor of administrative sciences, specialized in leadership psychology. Her doctoral dissertation examined self-compassionate self-leadership in the experiences of banktrupt entrepreneurs. Krista's mission is to help people find meaningfulness in their lives and do it by using their inner strengths, often rooted in positive psychological resources.

The event is organized by our partner UP Partners.

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23.9.2020 18:00


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