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High-throughput computing and workflows workshop/hackathon

13.12.2022 09:00 +02:00 EET - 14.12.2022 16:00 +02:00 EET

CSC Training Facilities

Distributed computing and automated workflows have become central in scientific computing. At CSC we've tested, implemented, and deprecated different throughput tools and workflows over the recent years. Here we'd like to share our understanding of the pros and cons of various approaches and also learn from your experiences and needs in this workshop/hackathon.

The event will have presentations from participants (something along the lines of your context, aim, used resources, implemented solution, solved issues, open issues, and future directions), followed by CSC presentation on how HTC + workflows look like from our perspective and what tools and documentation we've made available.  The goal of this two-day event is to understand the needs and challenges of computational experts in addition to providing ample interaction between CSC specialists and participants. 

Your interesting workflow(s) are likely different from others and you probably have already set up some environment for your needs in your laptop/workstation. Please bring your own laptop: on Tuesday we split to two rooms for hands-on and only one has workstations.


The content will be somewhat detailed and technical, intermediate to advance level, and hence prior hands-on experience on HPC systems (Puhti, Mahti, LUMI) will be useful. We also welcome beginners, but we have limited possibilities to cover very basic things. To benefit maximally, please take some of our introductory courses in advance, e.g. CSC Computing Environment

This event is offered free of charge. CSC will sponsor coffee/lunches for presenters while others can purchase lunch in one of the restaurants close by.

Target Audience:

Computational scientists who work with some kind of workflows in CSC environment.

Where: Hybrid event (On-site at CSC plus online)

NOTE: the event was postponed 2 weeks to 13-14 December

Day 1 - Tuesday 13 Dec - Workflows and high throughput: current status

9:00 Welcome, orientation, introductions
9:30 Participant use case presentations in 15-30 minute slots (if you want to contribute, please contact organizers via email!)
12:00 lunch
13:00 Bottlenecks in High throughput usage in HPC from CSC perspective (CSC)
14:00 CSC best practices on High throughput and workflows
15:00 Discussion
16:00 Wrap up: common issues, likely solutions, synergies, ...

Day 2 - Wednesday 14 Dec -  Hackathon: try out and implement new solutions

9:00 Collect cases to work on and divide into groups
9:30 CSC specialists available to help with implementation
12:00 lunch
13:00 Hackathon continues
16:00 Wrap up: what worked, where more work needed, what are the next steps? (implement new tools, create tutorials, new training, ...)


Atte Sillanpää (e-mail: atte.sillanpaa at
Laxmana Yetukuri (e-mail: laxmana.yetukuri at
Rasmus Kronberg (e-mail: rasmus.kronberg at

Event time


13.12.2022 09:00 +02:00 EET


14.12.2022 16:00 +02:00 EET

Event location

CSC Training Facilities

Keilaranta 14
02100 Espoo

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