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LUMI-G Training

11.1.2023 09:00 +01:00 CET - 11.1.2023 17:00 +01:00 CET


This one day on-line course serves as a detailed introduction to the LUMI-G (GPU partition) architecture and programming environment. It will include lessons about compiling and using software on LUMI-G, porting, executing, and optimizing applications to run on AMD Ml250X.
For doing the hands-on exercises and access the slides and training material on the course day, participants will have to join a course specific training project. This project is Puhuri managed which means that CSC users have to set up a new LUMI user account. Step-by-step instructions will be sent out after the registration on how to join the project and set up a potential account.
The course will be jointly conducted by the LUMI HPE Centre of Excellence (HPE CoE), AMD and the LUMI User Support Team (LUST).
The course is intended for users with ongoing projects on LUMI, users with project proposals in one of the national or EuroHPC channels, and support staff of local organisations of the LUMI consortium members.
We will keep a waiting list if registrations exceed the number of planned participants.

Register for the course latest by January 4, 2023 16:00 CET. Participants will receive confirmation shortly after the deadline. If your plans change, we kindly ask you to cancel your registration as soon as possible (ideally before the registration deadline). The email acknowledging your registration will contain a link to manage it.
Users who doni have an account on LUMI yet will receive temporary access for the purpose of the course. The compute time allocated to the course shall only be used for the purpose of doing the exercises of the course. Any abuse will lead to removal from the allocation for this and future courses.
Please, do not hesitate to contact the LUMI User Support Team https://lumi-supercomputer.eu/user-support/need-help/ if you need any assistance. Thank you.



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11.1.2023 09:00 +01:00 CET


11.1.2023 17:00 +01:00 CET

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